About Us

Welcome to KastKing SA, where we make fishing fun for the whole family. Is there anything better than showing your children how to catch their very own fish? Introduce a new hobby to your family with the help of KastKing SA, quality affordable tackle for all your fishing needs.

KastKing SA is an agent and distributor of the famous KastKing.com products across South Africa. Specialising in bass fishing gear, apparel and tools, we welcome all fishing enthusiasts to try out our products. For affordable, high-quality fishing products, KastKing SA is the one-stop-shop for the casual angler and the serious fisherman.


KastKing SA is your supplier for all your bass fishing-related needs. South Africa is renowned for its sweeping coastlines and outdoor activities with tourists visiting year-round to experience our climate, wildlife, activities, culture and more. Many may not know this, but SA is one of the world’s premier bass fishing spots, especially since each offers unique fishing opportunities. Depending on your preferred fishing location, you will find Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Florida Strain Largemouth Bass or Northern Strain Largemouth Bass. With each species presenting a unique challenge, bass fishing is an exciting fishing escapade for all anglers.

KastKing SA stocks tackle, tools and apparel. Catering for your fishing adventure, we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly team is open to chat if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi.